45th Anniversary Human Rights Award Dinner

2018 Human Rights Award Dinner
Hosted by the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Saturday, September 22
Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church,
600 East 35th Street (corner of 35th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue)

Dinner is at 5:30, and the Program is at 7:00.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. MaryLouise Patterson
Charlene Mitchell Human Rights Awards honorees: Bertha Escamilla, Katie Jordan, and Jamie Kalven

This year’s theme, “CPAC Now! Standing on Their Shoulders: Woods-Wyatt-Durham,”honors the memory of outstanding Alliance leaders Sylvia Woods, Josephine Wyatt, and
Clarice Durham.

Their spirit continues to guide our work to win CPAC, the Civilian Police Accountability Council. CPAC will be an elected body that will determine police policy and practices, with the power to hire and fire officers. The fight for CPAC is part of the larger fight against racist and political repression. It is connected to the struggles for immigrant rights, the right to organize and strike without facing police violence, the fight against violence against women and the LGBT community, and the fight to defend and extend democracy.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. MaryLouise Patterson. Dr. Patterson demonstrates the interconnectedness of the people’s movements in her own life and work. In addition to practicing medicine, she has a Master of Public Health degree and works to get medical care in underserved schools; and she is a part of many civil rights, social justice and peace movements. Her parents, William L. Patterson and Louise Thompson Patterson, were leaders of the Civil Rights Congress, a predecessor of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. Her family’s close friendship with Langston Hughes is chronicled in the book Letters from Langston: From
the Harlem Renaissance to the Red Scare and Beyond, which Dr. Patterson co-edited.

This year’s Charlene Mitchell Human Rights Awards honorees are Bertha Escamilla, Katie Jordan, and Jamie Kalven. Charlene Mitchell was the founding Executive Director of the Alliance and the leader of the original United National Committees to Free
Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners. Bertha Escamilla represents the mothers and families of those who have endured
decades of abuse and torture at the hands of the police and the criminal justice system.Her own son has been released, but she continues the fight for others. She pursues the torture cops relentlessly and will not stop until all the survivors are free and the cops receive justice.

Katie Jordan was the first African American tailor fitter at Lytton’s Department Store in Chicago. A member of the Workers United union for over 52 years, she has served as
shop steward, and as her local’s Secretary, Vice President, and President. She is currently President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), Chicago Chapter, and has served on their National Affirimative Action Committee.

Jamie Kalven has reported extensively on patterns of police abuse and impunity in Chicago. His 2015 article “Sixteen shots” first brought the police shooting of Laquan McDonald to public attention. His lawsuit Kalven V. Chicago, won the ruling that the public has the right to see documents relating to allegations of police misconduct.

We look forward to seeing you on September 22nd!


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