Alternatives to Calling the Police During Mental Health Crises

This is the 3rd of our public workshop series this year! ✨
Project Alternatives To Calling Police During Mental Health Crises is a community-based movement to train folx in de-escalation techniques and protect community members with mental illness from police violence and the criminal justice system.

The workshop intends to ask and discuss questions:

-How do marginalized identities intersect during mental health crises and how does this affect treatment by police?

-What are the ways to support people in mental health crises?

-How can we take care of ourselves and others?

-How can we create a community of support?

Ultimately, this is to imagine what a world without police can look like, and a world where widespread over-policing and mass incarceration are replaced with crisis intervention, community response teams, and restorative justice.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. Right underneath the Argyle Red Line CTA stop. There will be sensory break/healing space. For specific accommodation request, please complete the following google form: (*Please be sure to submit at least 2 weeks prior to the event date)

Light refreshment (vegan, gluten-free) will be available.

Sponsored by: Propeller Fund and Crossroads Fund.

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