August Vigil for Animals

Please join us at Park Packing slaughterhouse to bear witness to goats, lambs, sheep, and pigs being sent to slaughter there. We will be with them in their final moments, giving them water, documenting their conditions, and spreading as much empathy and love as we can. In being there, we will send a powerful message that these individuals deserve care, justice, and freedom, and that their deaths will go far from unnoticed.

From 4-4:50 AM we bear witness near the animals, after that time we must keep our distance from them. Between 5am and 7am we may hold signs on the street, sing to the animals, chant, hear speak-outs or poems from activists.

Things to bring:
– Camera
– Flashlight
– Hand sanitizer
– Water Bottle
– Your CAS or other Animal Rights shirt!
– A song / poem / speak-out to share (possibly about your experience at the last vigil!) You can address it to the workers, the animals, vegans, or non-vegans (your choice!)
– Bring a friend or family member, we would love to bring more non-vegans to these events

We will always provide water bottles and hand sanitizers, but bringing your own can help us save money on supplies. We re-use the bottles as many times as possible but sometimes they are discarded on accident and we need to replace them.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message us. Thank you all.

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