CHICAGO CENTRISTS March Meetup – Calling your representative for change

• What we’ll do
While apathy has taken hold of most disaffected citizens of Illinois and Chicago, the truth is that more power than ever rests with the people who have the courage to take action. At this meetup, we will walk through the most effective way to call your representative about an issue.

We will have a short instruction on how to effectively call your representative. If you would like, you can then find your own representatives and call their offices encouraging an end to gerrymandering in Illinois or another issue you are passionate about. After that we’ll grab a drink, talk politics, or just hang out nearby. Show up! Bring a friend! Take action to help your city/state/country/planet! Every person can make a difference!

• What to bring
Bring a phone if you want to call your own legislator

• Important to know
Free event. Location details TBD.

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