Chicago’s 1st Cooperative Economy Summit

If you know you are attending, please RSVP your entry ticket at to help us prepare for occupancy, fire, and ADA codes with a correct attendance.

Pre-event Schedule:
July 7: First wave of panelist announcements. 100 free tickets & 150 sponsor tickets available.
July 24th: Second wave of panelist announcements. 100 additional free tickets made available.
August 16th: Final wave of panelist announcements. 100 additional free tickets made available.


The Chicago Cooperative Economy Summit will freely host panels of the co-op economy’s leaders and pioneers, provide breakout discussion zones to delve deeper, offer tabling space for cooperative organizations to promote awareness and enroll people in their programs, and publish the first directory of Chicago’s 250+ brick and mortar sites in the cooperative economy, ranging in goods and services from housing co-ops to credit unions, food co-ops to bike shops, mutual aid groups to community gardens, printing presses to health care co-ops, insurance pools to babysitting co-ops, video production studios to financial planning co-ops, and much, much more.

By pooling our collective resources and experiences, we can build the base and accelerate the growth of Chicago’s cooperative organizations by adding value, decreasing costs, and increasing funding as members and aspiring members evaluate and collaborate on the Chicago cooperative economy’s next steps and integration with our lives.


With presence and support from:

* The North American Students of Cooperation – “Since 1968, NASCO has been working with students, housing co-ops, worker-owners, activists, and community members who are interested in applying cooperative principles to meet their needs and fulfill their missions. NASCO is the a that facilitates mutual aid and support amongst co-ops.” –

* Dr. Amara Enyia, The Institute for Cooperative Economics and Economic Innovation – “Dr Enyia is the Founder and Director of the ICEEI, an entity that seeks to diversify the economic ecosystem through educating, advocating, and developing policy for cooperative economic models and finacing tools that support cooperative enterprises.” –

* Sarah Kaplan, Community Capital & Coop Attorney –

* Chicago Democratic Socialists of America –

* Together Systems – “Together Systems is a 501c3 Community Development Organization, whom primary focus is to design and implement cooperative centric economic development systems in under-resourced, African American Communities.” –

* The Kola Nut Collaborative – “A mutual support network of people engaged in reciprocal exchange of services, skills, and goods through a timebank where the currency is an hour of time for everyone. By deploying a time-based skills and service trading platform we seek to advance conversations on neighborhood asset mapping, community resilience, timebanking, local currency design, and social economy throughout Chicago.”

* Austin Community Food Co-op and Austin Coming Together – “The Austin Community Food Cooperative is a project of Austin Coming Together to develop a community-controlled food co-op for Austin; a co-op that can provide affordable, health food options for the Austin community and the West Side.” –

* Just Design Co-op –

* The Dill Pickle Food Co-op –

* Stone Soup Housing Co-op – “Stone Soup is an intentional community in Chicago, Illinois, designed to provide an affordable and healthy living environment for people committed to social justice work.” –

* The HUB Housing Co-op –

* Cara Chicago –

* Art Design by Que Rodriguez from For The People Artists Collective –

.. and many more to be announced!


Panel prioritization voting open now at:

Please vote and share with other enthusiasts of the cooperative economy. Doing so will go a long way toward ensuring we produce the event people most want to see!

Join us at 237 S Desplaines from 10a to 5p to see how you can enjoy and benefit from more cooperation in your life.

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