DACA Know Your Rights – Join Us

Today Trump proved once again that he can’t be counted on to do the right thing. Rescinding DACA is the height of cruelty. He has now put 800,000 young people at the mercy of a Congress who has shown time and time again that they cannot pass legislation.
DACA(mented): We invite you to an evening of Know Your Rights! Come out to find information moral support. Know you’re not on this journey alone and there are many who will walk this walk with you.
A panel of experts will share resources and addresses what comes next.
Let’s not hide! Let’s form coalitions that will make this movement stronger.
Meet others and share your story.
(There will be time to network with one another.)
Join us if you are a supporter to find out the misconceptions and truths about DACA.
Protection for All
Pilson Alliance
Indivisible Pilsen
Rise and Organize
Indivisible Illinois
Indivisible Chicago

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