December Protest for Chickens

You asked for it, you got it — a weekend protest with The Humane League 🙂
We’re continuing our important and necessary work, campaigning against Darden but this time changing up the scenery. We’ll be hosting this months silent protest at Yard House Chicago.
The Humane League envisions a world where all animals are free from suffering and cruelty, and to get there we work hard to change the way consumers view what’s on their plate. This is exactly why we started the 88% Campaign ( A campaign focused on reducing the most suffering for the animals who have the least amount of protections but make up the largest numbers (farmed animals — chickens raised for meat specifically) is the first of it’s kind and we hope you’ll take part in our event!
Families & kids are welcome 🙂
PLEASE NOTE: RSVP here on Facebook and/or by EMAILING to recieve the pre-protest meeting location & protest packet 🙂
Please arrive by 1:30pm
1:45 – 2:45pm
Yard House
1500 N Clybourn Ave c101, Chicago, IL 60610
AFTER PARTY: We’ll head out to grab some treats together after!
NOTE: Bring gloves, hand warmers, and a hat, it might be a chilly day! You will be contacted via FB Messenger/Email in the event of rain.

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