Electric Vehicle Presentation

National Drive Electric Week is approaching, and Evanston will be holding an event on September 16!

Many of us deeply care about the environment and want to dedicate our efforts to averting the climate crisis. Those efforts will fall short without drastically reducing carbon emissions from transportation.

Neda and Anton, two regulars at Chicago 350’s meetings, and clean technology enthusiasts are preparing to present on why we need electric vehicles to fight the climate crisis. Please come to listen and ask questions on August 25!

If you care about the environment, but don’t know if you should care about electric cars, this presentation is for you! If you have heard something good about electric cars, but don’t know exactly why they are good, and how they can help us fight climate change, this presentation is for you! If you already know a lot about electric cars, are versed in kilowatt-hours and MPGe, and know the difference between a ChaDeMo and a Supercharger, we probably won’t tell you much new, but you’re still welcome to come along!

Are electric cars actually environmentally friendly? Are they all expensive like a Tesla? Do they work in the snow? Where do you charge? How can the transition to EVs help environmental and social justice? Come to the presentation on Saturday, August 25 and find out!


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