Free Mickiel Ward -Trial begins!

Pack the courtroom on August 14th for the first day of Mickiel Ward’s trial! Mickiel is accused of killing Hadiya Pendleton, despite an alibi and solely on the basis of hearsay statements that were recanted as well as vague testimony he gave after 23 hours of interrogation at the hands of John Halloran, a detective linked to hundreds of police torture cases and wrongful convictions. Mickiel was denied an attorney during this interrogation and has been held in Cook County Jail for five years because the state has no real evidence linking him to the murder. His trial will take place before Judge Nicholas Ford, a former Assistant State’s Attorney who took down confessions obtained by torture from Area 3 detectives. Ford has been deemed unqualified to serve as a judge by the Chicago Council of Lawyers and the Illinois State Bar Association. Show up on August 14th to demand justice for Mickiel and to say “No More!” to forced confessions and the system of injustice based on police torture!

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