Kelly Miller Circus Protest McHenry, IL 2017

Show days and times for our peaceful protests are:
Tuesday 919/17 ~ 7:30 so protest from 6:30-showtime of 7:30pm
Wednesday 9/20/17 ~ there are TWO shows, 4:30 & 7:30 pm so protest times are an hour before each show.
Please Come Out and Help us send a clear message for the Animals! KMC is not welcome until they are an animal free circus! Invite everyone you know!
The circus will be set up in Peterson Park
4300 Peterson Park Rd,
McHenry, IL 60050
Choose COMPASSION for these wild animals called “WILD” for a reason, that are caged or chained 90% of their miserable lives-Please don’t support any circus’s with animals!
***Please Note ~ Protests the following weekend (23rd & 24th) in Island Lake-See Protest Page for INFO…Thank you!
We will have posters or feel free to bring your own….

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