Libations and Liberation: Ageism

The Center for Progressive Strategy and Research invites you to Libations and Liberation. L&L is a monthly reading and discussion group focused on exploring the root causes of issues important to leaders in The People’s Lobby and its affiliated groups. In an informal setting we’ll demystify news headlines as we eat and drink (BYOB).
(This is an accessible space!)
This month’s selection focus on the ageism or the way our society marginalizes people in our society because of their age. The first is a fascinating take on the way tech companies in silicon valley prioritize youth and the lengths older employees will go to to seem younger.
The second takes a look at generational cohorts–i.e. millenial, gen x, gen y–and the origins of this idea in marketing and consumer culture. This help disprove the myth of lazy entitled millenials.
Finally, we have a short article about the role of inequality and wage stagnation in the future of social security.

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