Midwest Socialism Conference – Shut Down Capitalism!

Are you ready to shut down capitalism, racism, war and all forms of bigotry and build a world of peace, justice and cooperation?
Do you want the people to have real power instead of the billionaires and their politicians? If you do, you just might be a socialist.
Socialists fight so the people will have real economic and political power. With that power we can solve the environmental crisis, avert World War 3, combat systemic violence, eliminate poverty and exploitation, end the era of mass incarceration and mass deportation and so much more.
Join us at the Midwest Socialism Conference on June 9 for a day of speakers, discussion and workshops.
Shut Down Capitalism! Power to the People!
** Schedule and Logistics Coming Soon! **
You can Pre-register here (optional but highly recommended): https://goo.gl/forms/A0nUoVgCTL1F9bLH3
Registration starts at 10:30 am.
$15 registration fee.
$5 student/fixed income registration fee.
Solidarity registration fee: $30
Snacks and refreshments included.
Lunch will be $4.
Free childcare is available.
Following the conference there will be a party at the same location with DJ music and beer and wine for a small donation.

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