Midwest Socialist Summer School

As capitalism squeezes more and more, people are fighting back. Left movements are on the rise across the country. From Black Lives Matter to the Women’s March, from the Fight for Fifteen to Immigrant Workers’ Rights, resistance is growing across the U.S. and Socialism is an idea whose time has come. At the Solidarity Summer school, activists engaged in these resistance struggles will gather to learn from each other in interactive workshops, classes, and informal discussion.

Some Topics include:
– From the Classroom to the Streets: A Rank and File Perspective on the Teachers Movement
– To Serve the People? Learning from Movements of the Past and Present
– Right to the City: Radical Visions for Housing Justice
– Socialist Feminism Today
– What’s Next for Justice in Palestine?
– Taking on the Giant: A History of Amazon and Its Workers Fighting Back
– Neither Assad or Washington: But Fighting Imperialism From Below
– Ecosocialism: Fighting Capital and For a Just Transition
– Immigrant Resistance in the Era of Trump
– What Kind of Group Do We Need? Putting Democracy and Debate in Socialist Organization

For more info about Solidarity check out solidarity-us.org

Specific Location and Schedule Coming Soon


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