Off Fossil Fuels Fast: A Public Forum

The CAPA Climate Group invites you to this Earth Day forum on how to combat climate change in Skokie and Wilmette. This forum is one of many happening across the country initiated by’s call for a “fossil free future” with a focus on municipal-level action. The devastation of climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate. Climate scientists are warning us that we must act now before it is too late. Our Federal government is shamefully abdicating its responsibility in addressing what is clearly a man-made climate crisis, so states and cities and grassroots organizations like ours are moving into the vacuum with the support of’s Fossil Free Fast Campaign. Join us on April 21st. (Earth Day Weekend) for a public forum, sponsored by the CAPA Climate Group on how we can bring renewable energy to our local communities and how you can get involved. Expect a robust discussion and a a concrete action plan to get our community off fossil fuels FAST!
Here’s background on the speakers:
Katherine Moore Powell, Climate Scientist, Field Museum will “set the table” so to speak, walking us through the recent scientific data that documents our planet is failing ecologically at a much faster rate than previously expected. She will be optimistic about the solutions.
Lindy Wordlaw, Senior Manager, Public Sector Programs, Elevate Energy will walk us through the usual path for a municipality to reduce fossil fuel use, using measurable benchmarks with timed outcomes. She will review the major 4 things that a village must address: aggregation using renewable energy for both residences and municipal buildings, retrofitting of older buildings and homes, transportation and waste management.
Thom’as de’ Medici is with Trajectory, a Community Solar company. He will explain more about the differences between purchasing ones own solar panels per residence versus buying into a community solar project. He will also explain how the new Illinois Clean Jobes Act will in fact incentivize new solar companies to create businesses in Illinois.
We will encourage a good Q and A discussion between panelists and audience. These are the experts that can help us become more comfortable “in the weeds” of this fairly complex transition. We believe that with a lot of citizen involvement in both Skokie and Wilmette that we can put this conversation on the table and discover what it would take to get a commitment to move in a planned way in both villages toward 100% renewable energy.

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