Racial Justice and UChicago – Week 1 on Campus

Eight campus groups are arranging a series of coordinated events to welcome the new academic year – with an activist fair, a teach-in and a rally. A different university is possible!
Activist Fair: Tuesday, 26 September, 11 am – 2 pm
Teach-in: Wednesday, 27 September, 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Rally: Friday, 29 September, 12 noon.
Event descriptions are below. Keep an eye out here for all the forthcoming event announcements, and check out the different organisations co-hosting this event!
Teach-in: The goal of the teach-in is to create awareness and educate attendees about the university’s place and historical responsibility in ongoing struggles for racial justice around the city of Chicago and the world at large. Speakers will include:
Alyx Goodwin (Black Youth Project)
Michelle Yang (UChicago United)
Jola Idowu (Students Working Against Prisons)
Guy Emerson Mount (Reparations at UChicago)
Robert Hayes (UChicago for a Community Benefits Agreement)
We expect the discussion to range from the construction of the Obama Presidential Library, racial profiling and policing, racial justice on campus, the university’s historical connection to slavery, and the meaning of this history for ongoing discussions around reparations.
All are welcome. Food will be provided. We are working to secure a wheelchair accessible location and will update the event description accordingly at the earliest. If other disability accommodations would make the event more accessible to you, please let us know.
The whole week of actions is being organised by: Graduate Students United, Students Working Against Prisons, UChicago for a Community Benefits Agreement, UChicago United, American Association of University Professors’ UofC Chapter, Faculty Forward UChicago, Reparations at UChicago, UChicago Socialists.

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