Regional Summit on Vegan Advocacy

This will be an event to get together with our neighbors, Vegan Chicago and Vegan Kalamazoo folks, to discuss some emerging topics in effective advocacy. If you are interested in vegan advocacy, please come and be ready with an open mind to discuss and debate in a friendly group of people!
David Sutherland, Vegan Chicago Founder, “Vegan Science”
Hillary Rettig, Vegan Kalamazoo Founder, “How to do Joyful, Sustainable, and Effective Vegan Activism in 2018 and Beyond”
Nekeisha Alexis and Rama Ganesan (Founder, Vegan Michiana) “Intersectionality in Vegan Advocacy”
We will have vegan meal(s) catered so please estimate a reasonable amount for lunch and dinner. Venue is subject to change at this point. In preparation you might wish to read “How to Create a Vegan World” by Tobias Leenaert and “Afro-ism” by Aph and Syl Ko. Not necessary, but recommended.

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