Response to Executive Action on the DACA Program

Join Us!!! at the PINE LOUNGE and give your support to the students of I-CAUSE (Illinois Coalition Assisting Undocumented Students’ Education) and Illinois Student Government, present a resolution in support of undocumented/DACA students. This resolution will aid in helping undocumented students succeed academically and offered the resources needed.
To look at I-CAUSE resolution and sign:
We hope to see ya there! Give your support by just showing up!
For those who would love to attend but can’t…but you should! We urge you to do the following:
1.Want to help? Call Governor Rauner and ask to protect Illinois DACA students: (217) 782-0244
2. Call your local state office and ask them to designate a sanctuary jurisdiction:
3. Call your official who represents your congressional district and ask them to pass legislation that would protect DACA students nationwide:
4. Donate to La Casa Cultural Latina Scholarship fund, they are a pillar of safety and activism for undocumented students:
5. Show up to help pass the resolution. Show up and be there for your undocumented friends.

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