That Vegan Couple Chicago Meet-Up and Activism Workshop

Come join us for a Meetup and Activist Workshop with ‘That Vegan Couple’!
Natasha and Luca from Australia are ‘That Vegan Couple’ on YouTube and other social media, with a reach of 170K+ followers. They’re doing their first USA activism tour this year, and their final stop is Chicago!
Through this event, they intend to help educate and inspire vegans to get active! They’ll also be inviting people to attend an activist event with them and encouraging you to attend more.
They’re hoping to boost the participation of vegans in grassroots activism, as well as the profiles of local vegan activist groups in the cities they visit on this trip.
Come to Kitchen 17 on Sunday, June 24th at 5:30pm to say hi, have a bite and learn more. The event is free, but we can support Kitchen 17.

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