The #MeToo Movement: March Reclaim Chicago North Side Drinks & Discourse

The Atlantic Bar and Grill 5062 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625 -We will be discussing sexual assault at this event- Drinks and Discourse is an informal space where we can get together face to face (irl) to hang out, drink, and discuss politics. It’s a space to share what we are doing and see what everyone else has been up to and casually discuss completely changing the world. This month the theme will be the #MeToo movement.Many of us have a story about sexual harassment and abuse in our lives. Let’s talk about it. The “Me Too” campaign has been powerful in exposing abusers and exposing the dark underbelly of various industries and we want to take it further. At this month’s Drinks & Discourse we will discuss the larger systematic implications of this movement and dig into our true stories behind the hashtag. As usual, most of the space will be for just hanging out, finding common ground, sharing experiences, and uniting the community. No cost to attend, but you are responsible for paying for your own drinks. Post below if you have questions! Co-hosted by Chicago Progress and Reclaim Chicago North Chapter

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