Vigil for Animals – June

Join us for a vigil to honor the animals. This month we are pleased to be hosting That Vegan Couple who will be present at the event. We will bear witness to animal suffering at a slaughterhouse in Chicago, document the animals and their conditions, offer them water, and attempt to persuade workers to let us rescue lives. We will provide water bottles for the animals, but you are also welcome to your bottles (squeeze tops easier).

Activists are encouraged to message Chicago Animal Save if you have ideas for how to enhance our vigils in anyway for the benefit of the animals, activists, and/or workers as well. The vigils belong to every activist, so people should feel empowered to share their own speakouts, poems, chants, or other form of nonviolent expression while in attendance.

We will have signs to hand out as well for a street protest, but you are welcome to bring your own (as long as the signs do not mention “slavery” / “holocaust” as that language is seen as insensitive to groups who’s families have experienced those atrocities and detracts from our message of animal liberation. We believe in non-violence for humans and non-humans, so are not there to shame or harass workers, only designated people will speak with the workers.

We will expect to see young pigs, goats, lambs, and possibly some chickens during our vigils. If you need a ride or can offer a ride, please post in this group to try to coordinate.

If you are able to help foster or permanently home any animal we rescue, please contact Chicago Animal Save FB Messenger.

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