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With your help, we continue to gain steam. Karen Gaddis’ 95-vote win on July 11th makes it easier for us to help more campaigns. We need to be able to handle concurrent postcard-writing efforts. And our new system enhancements let us do that, thanks to the hard work of Carl the Democrat.

Abby the Address Bot now has a new, permanent number.  You will no longer need to switch numbers with each new campaign. Abby’s new number is: (484) ASK-ABBY which is (484) 275-2229. Abby will let you choose a campaign from a list, making it easy for you to either focus on a single candidate or write for several different campaigns.

If you receive addresses by email using <a>[masked]</a>, we will still be focused on one campaign at a time. This will help us avoid confusion and mistakes that switching between address lists might cause.

We continue to look for ways to deliver a fun and smooth experience for our volunteer writers with strategic and winning outcomes for our candidates. Thank you for being with us on the journey!


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