Million Mask March Chicago 2016

We will be attending this event throughout the Chicagoland area. Please come join us and help pave the path to revolution! PLEASE HELP THEIR EFFORTS by joining us on the 5th of November.

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“You may have heard of Anonymous through a friend, in the news or through social media. Anonymous includes lawyers, architects, IT specialists, programmers, writers, nurses, waiters, taxi drivers and even government workers. Anonymous is the people. It is not an organization, because there are no leaders. Anonymous is an idea – and if you share that idea, then Anonymous is you and you are Anonymous. Anons are everywhere – they are your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. Anonymous is not only a network of hackers – in reality, it includes any citizens who are concerned about the future of this world, sharing a common simple goal, which is freedom for all – from oppression, censorship and unjust laws. Whether you follow the mainstream news or not, it is clear that the direction our country and its leaders are taking is not in the best interest of the citizens. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, we are granted the right to peacefully protest. On November 5, 2016, we will hold a peaceful protest in Chicago. There will be no hate speech, no threats, no violence, no drugs, no vandalism, no alcohol and no disorderly conduct. We simply want to congregate in a large group to protest in solidarity and show our government that we are displeased with their actions – and want to see some changes. We have been promised reform in several areas but have seen few changes that benefit the people.If you are tired of empty promises, new unconstitutional laws being passed every day, ever-increasing taxes that are only funneled into more wasteful spending and debt we cannot afford or laws that eliminate jobs and increase living expenses, then you are welcome to join. This is a public event. In the short time since it was created, the event is already gaining overwhelming popularity, and many attendees have committed to carpooling. This is an opportunity for you to express your right to free speech while you still have it. This is not a time for violence or causing trouble. This is a time to peacefully show our country’s leaders that we are all tired of the corruption and would like to see them make some positive changes that benefit the struggling people of this weary nation. There is already too much violence and hate in the world as it is, so it is time we stand together as citizens and assemble peacefully. Forget religious affiliations, forget sexual orientation, forget political party affiliation, forget race, forget gender – we are all American citizens and we all want our freedom back. Until we stop dividing ourselves, we can never stand together for the common good of everyone. This event will be a time for everyone to gather peacefully, make friends and make a peaceful, non-violent statement that will hopefully go in the history books as a positive one.”




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